The company KIMK has been on the market for a longer time offering different machines to produce metal fences, sliding and entrance doors.
Thanks to the experience the company won being on as well Polish and German markets our products are characterized by high quality and best competences. 
We offer a great variety of fence designs. All our products are also hot zinc dipped and  powder coated (if the customer wishes so)- all to protect the product from corrosion.
Our fences serve all kinds of purposes but most of all they are to be a house decoration due to their high quality and aesthetics value. If the designs we offer do not suit your taste come and share your ideas with us and we shall fulfill your wish with pleasure.
We deliver great customer service including transport and montage of the goods produced.
Our price list with its detailed description is to obtain by E- mail.
Please read through our offer and contact us if interested in receiving our free estimate.